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Active Warrior Cat RP

Rank Site In Out
1 The Wild Side
292 118
A new Warrior Cat RP, account per character with a twist, each account needs a certain post count in order to request a ceremony! So much more to experience!
178 24
a new post-apocalyptic warriors roleplay with original clans and a unique setting || open high ranks
3 Anathæma
167 78
(We now have a stat system!) Alternate timeline, multi-species warriors roleplay. Unique dynamics and world-building elements, including new locations. A darker take on the Warriors universe.
147 96
We are an AU Warriors RP site with the original clans-- Thunder, Shadow, Wind, River, and Sky-- set in the western United States! Sandbox plot and friendly members! Come join us!
5 Untold Secrets
138 121
Untold Secrets is an active warrior cat roleplaying site. Based in the old forest territories, with the original 4 clans - Thunder, Wind, Shadow and River.